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Hello all!
I’m a mom of two active kids, married and working full-time. We are a Danish-American family living in Denmark, but spending a bit of time in the US as well.
Although our lives can be busy, I’m very passionate about living a simple and sustainable life and how to improve these things every day. I really don’t like consumerism, and I’m not materialistic, as stuff just never interested me. Instead experiences, freedom, how to be financially secure and how to save for the future are my main interests. I believe time is our most valuable ressource. We don’t need to have a lot of money, but we need to work with what we have, live below our means and know our priorities along the way.
I’m the money manager of my family, and for years we have been focused on our goals. We have been able to afford me going back to school at 36 on my husband’s small income, when I just could not take the job I was in anymore. We have been able to put one of our kids in a private school, which was just what she needed to be our happy child again. We have travelled and built memories together as a family. We have paid off $80,000 in debt with at least one of us working part-time for years. Every day we manage our money and focus on our goals while still living a good life.

So these are some of the overall topics I want to share on this blog, money managing being the key, and I hope it can be an inspiration to others.

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